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Mobile & Online Guitar & Saxophone Lessons

Mobile and online guitar, ukulele, and saxophone teacher available. Sax, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin and Bass guitar lessons for adults, all ages, beginners and advanced players. North, South Lanarkshire and the Greater Glasgow Area.

I have played in many bands over the years playing many styles of music and taught hundreds of music students.

All ages and abilities are welcome. All styles of music are covered. I will teach what you want to learn and make it a fun experience! Preparation for instrumental grades and SQA & GCSE/BTEC Music is also covered. Trinity College, Rockschool, Mel Bay, RGT, SQA & ABRSM are all taught.

I teach all grades, ages and ability levels. Full Disclosure Scotland Enhanced CRB available for inspection.

After a few lessons you'll notice a huge improvement...guaranteed.

For guitar beginners i can bring to the lessons a spare instrument to let you try.

I teach students all over the world online and can teach locally by providing home visits.

Saxophone can be taught for both alto and tenor. Baritone and Soprano saxophones are the same fingering. All saxophones are transpositional so are in two main keys either Eb or Bb.

Most people have a goal in mind when they start playing, which may be to learn a specific song, get good at a technique, or start writing their own songs. Lessons are structured to achieve these goals, while also developing a wider guitar technique, so learning one musical phrase or solo will clear the way to playing others with little extra work.